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This website was designed to help ensure our community is here for generations to come. This is an effort to preserve our heritage, ancestry, and legacy. This can only be done through a community effort and support from people like you.


Tamina Sweetrest Cemetery 

Mission and Purpose

Honor our Ancestors

Cemeteries are important keys to Texas’ past. They are reminders of settlement patterns and reveal information about historical events, religion, lifestyles, and genealogy. Unfortunately, historic cemeteries are increasingly threatened by development pressures, encroachment, vandalism, and theft  Tamina Sweetrest Cemetery was built in the 1870's and entombs ex-slaves, Native Americans, and war veterans. It is our mission to ensure these sacred grounds are protected for generations to come.

Increase Education

Our world is changing faster than ever before. It is our goal and mission to offer educational programs that help all generations in our community. From primary learning programs to continuing education classes, we want to help improve our community's current level of educational aptitude. With proper knowledge and training programs, we can build better citizens and a stronger community.

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Empower Economics

Many of our economic problems stem from lack of resources and opportunities. We here at Tamina Cemetery and Community Project CDC want to help empower our community through economic literacy and strategic planning. There are many artisans and entrepreneurs in the community that just need a little help to improve their situation. It is our goal to help develop a greater vision for their products and services and educating them on different technologies and business strategies to increase the profit margins. 

Promote Health Awareness

Unfortunately,  low-income and poverty-stricken communities are the must unserved demographics in regards to physical and mental health. It is our goal to help educate and assist people with better lifestyle choices and strategies for mental challenges.  "Your health is your wealth" and the Tamina Cemetery and Community Project CDC is committed to bringing awareness and solutions to this problem plaguing our community.

Conroe Courier News Paper Article of Sweetrest Cemetery