and Preservation Legacy of the Sweet Rest Cemetery of Native Americans,
Slaves, Law Enforcement & Veterans Make A Contribution

Tamina Community Development Corporation
Tamina Community Development Corporation

A Non-Profit Caring for the Historical Cemetary in Tamina, Tx

Tamina Community Development Corporation is a non-profit entity on a mission to restore the heritage of the Sweet Rest Cemetery that entombs of Native Americans, slaves, law enforcement and veterans in Tamina, Texas.

Let us ensure our community is here for generations to come. Our efforts aim to preserve our heritage, ancestry, and legacy. Collective community support makes a magnified impact.

Keeping Our Heritage Alive

Our project is about honoring our ancestors and our legacy. Tamina Cemetery and  Community Project CDC are comprised of the descendants of Tamina’s forefathers, churches, and other community members. Our purpose is to restore the Sweet Rest Cemetery and continue its perpetual care. We want to keep our heritage alive among future generations so that they know, recognize, and honor their legacy and acknowledge Sweet Rest Cemetery as a historical landmark.

Tamina Cemetery Project Community Development Corporation
Tamina Cemetery Project Community Development Corporation

Making A Difference

Our endeavors are bringing about community growth. Here’s how we are making a change:

As Tamina CDC remembers and recognizes the veterans resting in Sweet Rest Cemetery, we must also pay tribute to veterans still with us. Please join us in saluting PFC Romie Hollins, a man who has led a life of service to others. If he wasn’t protecting our country and preserving the freedoms of all Americans, he was playing an integral role in the Tamina and Acres Homes communities by ministering the Gospel with his dear wife, Eva Hollins. CLICK HERE TO DONATE: https://gofund.me/a43f9682
Tamina Cemetery Project Community Development Corporation

Honoring Our Ancestors

Cemeteries are important keys to Texas’ past, settlement patterns, historical events, religion, lifestyles, and genealogy. Unfortunately, they are increasingly threatened by development pressures, encroachment, vandalism, and theft. Tamina Sweet Rest Cemetery was built in the 1870s to entomb ex-slaves, Native Americans, and war veterans. We must protect these sacred grounds for generations to come.

Tamina Community Development Corporation

Increasing Education

Our world is changing faster than ever before. We are on a mission to offer educational programs to all generations. From primary learning programs to continuing education classes, we want to improve our community’s current level of educational aptitude. With proper knowledge and training programs, we can have informed citizens and a stronger community.

Tamina Cemetery Project Community Development Corporation

Empowering Economics

Economic problems mostly stem from a lack of resources and opportunities. We at Tamina Community Development Corporation want to help empower our community with economic literacy and strategic planning. Many artisans and entrepreneurs in the community need a little help to improve. Our goal is to develop a greater vision for their products and services and educate them on different technologies and business strategies to increase profit margins.

Tamina Community Development Corporation

Promote Health Awareness

Unfortunately, low-income and poverty-stricken communities are the most unserved demographics in regards to physical and mental health. Help us educate and assist people with better lifestyle choices and strategies for mental challenges. “Your health is your wealth.” Tamina Cemetery and  Community Project CDC brings awareness and solutions to poverty plaguing our community. For More Insights

Tamina Community Development Corporation

How you can help

If you support our vision, help us in the upkeep of this part of Montgomery County history by:

  • Donating today
  • Purchase a remembrance brick
  • Help a veteran
  • Volunteer your time and join us in our efforts

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