Community Development
in Action...

Restoring the
home of our own
91-yr-old veteran,
Romie Hollins.

As Tamina CDC remembers and recognizes the veterans resting in Sweet Rest Cemetery, we must also pay tribute to veterans still with us. Please join us in saluting PFC Romie Hollins, a man who has led a life of service to others. If he wasn’t protecting our country and preserving the freedoms of all Americans, he was playing an integral role in the Tamina and Acres Homes communities by ministering the Gospel with his dear wife, Eva Hollins.

Many soldiers who go to war don’t have the good fortune to return to the land they love and the people who love them back. Even fewer are blessed enough to live 91 years. That’s why we ask you to join us in this tribute as we salute a Living Legend from here in the Tamina Community.

Veterans everywhere are not only deserving of better
living conditions than the subpar that some are subjected to, but they are entitled to them. Our community should thank PFC Hollins for helping make this happen through partnering with Tamina CDC, along with Rashmi Gupta and Richard Stromatt, and make a donation to help purchase Romie Hollins a new and safe home to live in.

This noble and needed effort cannot be accomplished
without the help of our community. Our admiration and
gratitude can only go so far in word alone. But because
actions speak louder than words, there is more we can
each do to help someone who spent his life in service to
Note: This donation is a 501(C)3 tax-deductible donation.