Our purpose is to restore the Sweet Rest Cemetery and continue its perpetual care. Our vision is to help ensure that future generations will be able to know and recognize their heritage, honor their legacy, and for Sweet Rest Cemetery to be recognized as an historical landmark.

But our mission is to increase education, empower economics and promote health and wellness throughout our community.

We plan to achieve our mission through the development of products and services while educating our Community on different technologies and business strategies to increase knowledge, and family income.

Increase Education

To help improve our community's current level of educational aptitude, and with proper knowledge and training programs, we can have more enlightened citizens and a stronger community.

Empower Economics

To empower our community through economic literacy and strategic planning. There are many artisans and entrepreneurs in the community that just need a little help to improve their outcome.

Promote Health Awareness

To educate and assist people with better lifestyle choices and strategies for invoking mental challenges. We believe that your health is your wealth.