It's about honoring our ancestors, It's about honoring our legacy."

The Tamina Cemetery and Community Project CDC is a corporation comprised of descendants of Tamina's forefathers, churches, and other members of the community. Our purpose and mission are to restore our community cemetery and continue its perpetual care. This project to help ensure our generations to come will be able to know their heritage and honor their legacy.

Tamina's history can be traced back to R.B. Smith, an educator from the city of Montgomery, and John Nilor, a Houston-area businessman; and to 1871 when freed slaves who had moved to the area helped build the railroad in the area. Many past Tamina residents worked for the Grogan's Mill.

The Tamina Cemetery a/k/a " Sweet Rest Cemetery" has been in existence since the

1870's. This cemetery was established for former slaves. It currently entombs slaves, Native Americans, W.W. (1), (2), Vietnam and other war heroes and Law Enforcement officers have been laid to rest in these sacred grounds.

For the past 10 years, the roughly 12-acre cemetery has been left dormant and exposed to the elements without a caretaker aside from the occasional volunteers who try to help. Some of the graves are inaccessible due to the standing water and grassy growth, which we believe may be because the natural water flow has been blocked on various sides.